When should I call 911?

When should I call 311?

Report a Crime Online

Crime Mapping

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD)

CMPD-Eastway Division
(To view interactive map of Eastway Division, open link above,
click on “Eastway Division” heading to right of YouTube video)
3505 Central Avenue Charlotte, NC 28205
Phone: 704-336-8535

Response Area 3 (RA 3) Community Coordinator: Officer Dustin Wippel


No Soliciting

The Eastway Park/ Sheffield Park Neighborhood does not allow solicitation of any kind or sort, including, but not limited to door-to-door sales, presentations, service offers (free or otherwise), etc. Click here and scroll to “Fraud Prevention Recommendations” for more information on how to keep yourself safe from unscrupulous sales people.

Please Drive Safely

Speeding endangers yourself and others, so slow down! Neighborhood speed limits are 25 mph max., and 20 mph is recommended for safely driving over speed humps.

Whether you’re driving, bicycling, or walking, consider the graphic below for safe travel.